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The Belgian brand Kambukka is the Swahili word for 'to enjoy, to benefit, to profit'. We haven't known this for a long time, can you believe that? Typically us. Too occupied creating the perfect bottles & jars, no doubt. The good thing about this: to enjoy, to benefit & to profit surely applies to you now.

Kambukka is the Swahili word for 'to enjoy, to benefit, to profit'

Stijn Lowette - CEO & founder Kambukka

Don't worry about spills, leaks, cleanability, hot stuff that needs to stay hot & cool stuff that needs to stay cool. Just enjoy our extremely convenient & beautiful products.

That's why 'enjoy' is such a perfect name for us. Join the joyride, let yourself be tempted by our deadly effective but smooth designs & relax. Soon enough you'll be on the go again, on to something new & exciting. Keep Kambukking life to the fullest, friends.



Kambukka is designed to maintain an on-the-go lifestyle. Whether you're hustling through your daily commute or exploring new horizons,
our portable on-trend essentials seamlessly blend into your personal story. Stay hydrated and unstoppable wherever life takes you. Embrace the freedom of being on the go – effortless and always ready for your next adventure

Smart Design

Smart Design

Experience innovation at its finest! Our smart products boast cutting-edge design and revolutionary pattented features, ranging from leak & spill proof designs to effortless cleaning and user-friendly functionalities.

Our forward-thinking approach ensures you’re always equipped with the latest and most advanced tech that elevates your lifestyle with intelligence and style – we’re not just smart, we’re redefining smart!

Premium quality

Premium quality

Our products are crafted with the finest materials, delivering not just a luxurious appearance but an enduring mark of top-notch quality. Every detail is carefully tested, ensuring durability that stands the test of time. We believe in crafting excellence in every detail, ensuring sustainability at its core

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