Travel mugs

We like you a latte!

Let's face your new morning routine. Early alarm clock, hectic morning rush and your on-the-go coffee to survive all of this.
With your Kambukka travel mug you can enjoy your home made coffee on the go and at your desk.



Your desk deserves better!

Lid with 3 positions
Always open
Push to drink

The Etna travel mug serves you a hot coffee when you struggle to stay awake at work, or an ice-cold drink after a tough workout. Wherever you are, you can always rely on the drinking position you need thanks to the handy 3 in 1 lid

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Always on top of your game

Simplicity is king
Push the cup icon to drink
Push the cup icon to drink

With the Olympus travel mug, logic is queen and simplicity is king. Its switch lid assures a smooth drinking experience and the clever design makes sure your activities don’t get interrupted by a leaking travel mug.

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