Frequently Asked Questions

Kambukka Lids

Are the KAMBUKKA lids interchangeable?

Yes! Every lid fits any KAMBUKKA body.

Even though all of our lids are interchangeable, we recommend you match the lids to the original bodies for optimal use.

How can I remove the Snapclean® mechanism from Elton?

To remove the Snapclean® mechanism from the Elton, the lid must be in the ‘Sip’ or ‘Lock’ position. In the ‘Open’ position the mechanism can’t be removed. It’s as easy as that!

Why is there water leaking from the lid?

Our 3 in 1 lid  with Snapclean® technology is super practical! Yet, you must use it correctly. Always read the ‘use and care’ document carefully before using your bottle. If there’s water dripping from your lid, take these possible causes into account: 

When the 3 in 1 lid comes out of the dishwasher, it may contain water. That’s why you should let the lid dry long enough before using it.

Don’t fill your bottle to the brim, but always stop at the neck of the bottle. Otherwise, water may seep through the lid.

Does the tea filter fit on any lid?

No unfortunately not. The tea mesh only fits the Etna travel mug. With purchase of a tea mesh, you will get an additional Snapclean mechanism. 

Can I buy separate parts?

Parts: small parts such as push buttons, shut-off valves, rubber rings, silicone drinking spouts are neither separately replaceable nor available.

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