Frequently Asked Questions

Kambukka on the go

Can I place my KAMBUKKA bottle in the cup holder of my car?

We fully understand that you want to enjoy your drink in your car so we made sure that our products fit in the majority of European car makes cupholders.

If you would like to be 100% sure, you can find the exact diameter of your specific mug at the product description.

Can I take my (empty) KAMBUKKA bottle trough airport security?

Yes, You can always carry your empty KAMBUKKA bottle through the security checkpoint and refill the bottle once you are in the secured area.

Stay hydrated, even when you're traveling! 

Can I take my KAMBUKKA bottle on the plane?

Yes! But make sure to always empty your bottle before boarding on a plane. The pressure changes in the cabin can lead to issues with water spraying out of the top.

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